Plumbing Repair With An Expert

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ALD PlumbingWe take the plumbing in our homes and buildings for granted; only becoming aware of them when a problem arises. It would be hard for most of us to imagine a life without modern plumbing, but in fact just a little over 100 years ago, indoor plumbing was unknown in the U.S. People did their business in outhouses and pulled water from a well by hand and brought it into the house.

Today, indoor bathrooms and hot water at the turn of a faucet is not only commonplace, it’s expected. And yet the science of plumbing is seldom appreciated by those who need it most.

The word “plumbing” is derived from the Latin “plumbum” which means lead, because until the toxic properties of the substance were discovered, water pipes were made of lead. Plumbing is a complex system of pipes, drains, valves, and devices which primarily transport water throughout a house or building. It also refers to the removal of waste material and heating. It is usually recommended to have a professional plumber do installation and repairs for a plumbing system, except for the most basic of problems. This is because the potential for extensive damage resulting from amateur plumbing work is very real; a burst pipe or improperly installed water heating system could ruin your house, your possessions, and could even result in serious injury.

In the state of Texas, for example, plumbers are rated based on their education, years of experience, and license status, and they have to registered with the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners. The best plumbers are those that have the most experience, which is reflected in their rate. But the best is not always necessarily the best choice. Experienced plumbers can be expensive, so unless the job is particularly complex, plumbers with less experience may be the better choice. Plumbers typically charge by the hour, and currently the median rate is $21.19.

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