Power Morcellators – Threatening Women’s Lives with a Deadly Cancer

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On April 30, 2014, Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon unit, the world’s largest manufacturer of laparoscopic power morcellators ordered a cessation in the manufacture, promotion and sales of its devices following the April 17, 2014, safety communication notice from the US Food and Drug Administration which persuaded doctors against the continuous use of the device in hysterectomy and myomectomy procedures.

The FDA’s safety alert was based on medical reviews and reports which showed that, when used in laparoscopic procedures, a morcellator can cause uterine sarcoma, a cancerous tissue, to spread beyond the uterus.

Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure performed to treat cancers of the uterus, cervix and ovary, infections of the uterus, persistent pelvic pains, uncontrollable vaginal bleeding, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory diseases, endometriosis, uterine prolapse, and heavy and painful periods due to adenomyosis. Its main purpose, though, is to remove a part of, or the whole, uterus and/or uterine fibroids or myomas, which are benign or non-cancerous tumors that grow in the muscular wall of the uterus (uterine fibroids can be removed either through hysterectomy or myomectomy).

The National Institutes of Health states that any woman has the tendency to develop uterine fibroids. This may render doctors no actual reason for concern except for the fact that there are women, according to a study by the FDA, with fibroids and who also have uterine sarcoma, a cancerous tissue. These cancerous tissues, though, are almost undetectable, but, when subjected to a morcellator treatment these too are cut and made to spread outside the uterus, thus, putting the patient’s life in much greater danger.

Though Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon might have ceased sales, other manufacturers have not and some doctors still continue to use the device as the FDA has not issued a total ban on its use. Morcellator lawsuit attorneys have already filed complaints and more are still expected to be brought to court. Women, who have been harmed, should not have second thoughts about filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the harmful device used to treat her. A lawsuit may also determine her worthy of receiving compensation from the accused.

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Information About Personal Injury Settlements

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The effects of a serious injury can be hard to determine, and should never be underestimated. Compensation for an injury sustained due to another person’s recklessness or negligence can depend on the area where the injury occurred and the severity of the injury. Talking with a personal injury lawyer can help in determining the costs of an injury and how an injury victim can pursue compensation.

Insurance companies have a way of computing the value of a personal injury claim. Although the physical aspect of the injury can be easy to determine, the emotional and psychological impact are often much more difficult to properly value. To help you know more of which damages can be compensated, here are some important things to consider:

  1. Possible permanent disability or disfigurement
  2. Total medical treatment costs and other related expenses (includes the present and future treatment costs)
  3. Lost wages due to missed work and time spent in rehabilitation and treatment
  4. Emotional damages, such as stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, embarrassment, or burdens on personal relationships brought about by the injury
  5. Property damage
  6. Loss of enjoyment in life and loss of family

For missed opportunities, experiences, and pain and suffering, the computation for what insurance companies call “general” damages can be a bit complicated. Insurance adjusters generally add all the expenses from the medical treatments (called “specials”). For more minor injuries, the “specials” is multiplied by 1.5 or 2 to get the “general” damages. For particularly severe and life-threatening injuries, the “specials” is multiplied by up to 5 (and even 10 for extreme injuries). Income lost is then added.

This computation serves merely as a guide for settlements, where both parties can negotiate the appropriate amount of compensation. There are also outside factors, where the victim may be partially at fault for the accident, and the total amount of the compensation may then be significantly lower than needed.

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Staying Safe on the Rocky Road

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Accidents happen, but when it comes to car accidents, they can lead to devastating outcomes. Everyone has the responsibility to drive safely, and to take into consideration the lives of other motorists and everyone around them. However, this is not always the case, and as a result, car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in America.

Because of the severity of an injury from a car accident, most victims seek compensation for their damages with the help of a car accident lawyer. However, it’s best overall to avoid accidents altogether. Here are some tips for staying safe on the road:

  1. Keep your car well-maintained– regular check-ups and tune-ups could not only save you money, but also ensure that all the gears are in proper working condition, and any part that shows signs of wear and tear are replaced.
  2. Maintain a steady, reliable speed – this is essential, as erratic driving can be dangerous to you and to other drivers as well.
  3. Maintain a safe distance from other motorists – this ensures you have enough space to move around and avoid possible crashes.
  4. Stay visible to other motorists – bad weather, night driving, and driving next to huge vehicles (such as 18-wheeler trucks) could cause accidents because of low visibility.
  5. Avoid speeding and road rage – speeding can cause you to lose control of your vehicle, while road rage can lower awareness of other drivers and could cause you to do something you might later regret.
  6. Check your mirrors and pay close attention at intersections – intersections are notorious places for car crashes, so it’s best to be careful while approaching an intersection and drive with care. Checking your mirror helps you to ensure your safe distance from other cars, avoid blind spots, and make changing lanes safer.
  7. Avoid distractions – taking your attention off of the road even for a moment can cause you to miss a crossing pedestrian, animal, road signal, or road work crew.
  8. Don’t drink and drive – this is one of the leading causes of car crashes. Drugs, alcohol, or medication can impair your judgment.
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Pulmonary Embolism and Its Painful Signs

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NuvaRing is a tiny elastic ring used as a contraceptive device. Due to its convenience, this contraceptive device, which entered the US market in 2001, easily won the favor of hundreds of thousands of women in the US. NuvaRing was originally designed to release controlled amounts of the estrogen Ethinyl Estradiol and the progestin Etonogestrel into the female’s bloodstream. Etonogestrel, which is a type of Desogestrel, is a third-generation progestin. Unfortunately, this progestin is known to increase the possibility of blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, and other complications.

Like other birth control methods that make use of hormones to prevent pregnancy, use of NuvaRing has the potential to lead to serious health problems. In fact, one of the most severe complications suffered by women who have used the product is pulmonary embolism, which causes extreme pain and which can lead to death.

Cause of Pulmonary Embolism

One serious side-effect associated with NuvaRing is deep vein thrombosis – blood clots occurring in the legs or pelvis. Deep vein thromboses can, sometimes, become so large that they burst, scattering smaller pieces into the bloodstream. These pieces are small enough to travel through the bloodstream and reach the lungs, where they can get stuck and create an obstruction in major arteries. This blockage is what is termed a pulmonary embolism.

Pulmonary embolism is a complication resulting from deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Even healthy people are not necessarily safe from this complication. Although life-threatening, effective treatment to prevent blood-clotting can significantly reduce the risk of death. Also, measures that will stop blood clots from developing inside your legs will help save you from pulmonary embolism. Pulmonary embolism may be detected as women suffering from it will feel abrupt and unexplained shortness of breath, chest pains and dizziness; its other symptoms include coughing up of blood and a blue tint on the lips and fingers.

Pulmonary embolism ought to be treated without delay. If you or anyone in your family is suffering from this medical condition, or any other complications caused by NuvaRing, seek medical treatment and then call a highly qualified NuvaRing lawyer who will assist you in filing a lawsuit to get the compensation that you rightly deserve.

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Senior Needs During The Holiday Season

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The holidays are a time for families to come together and celebrate the year gone past. Often, this means spending time with elderly relatives, whose needs may be unfamiliar to those who only see them a few times each year. However, in order to ensure that your loved ones can all enjoy the holiday season, it’s useful to be aware of the particular needs that many elderly individuals may have, and try to make sure to accommodate them:

  • Ÿ  Difficult chores – many elderly individuals still living at home may have a list of chores around the house that need to be done but may be too taxing. Taking care of some of these to-dos can be a tremendous gift to seniors when visiting them at their homes.
  • Ÿ  Difficulty hearing – as the human body ages, it loses some of its faculties, particularly the ability to hear as clearly as before. If your loved one has hearing problems, reducing ambient noise and putting them in positions in which hearing the conversation is easier can help to make your elderly relative feel more included as a part of the celebration.
  • Ÿ  Easily tired – most elderly individuals don’t have the same energy levels that younger people do, and even minor activities can quickly tire the elderly. Therefore, it is a good idea to try and plan activities that will accommodate your elderly relatives in this regard. For instance, if you’re having a New Year’s Eve party, plan some activities for earlier in the night in case your elderly loved one just doesn’t have the energy to make it until the ball drops.
  • Ÿ  Nursing care – for elderly relatives in nursing homes, most of their needs will already be attended to by the staff. However, if you suspect that your loved one is not getting the care they need, you should read more here and consider contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer to learn more about what you can do to make sure they are provided for.

These simple tips can help ensure that the holiday season, or any time you get to spend with your elderly relatives, is a wonderful time for the whole family.

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